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SteamJet Space Systems Ltd was founded in September 2017 by a team of aerospace engineers and tech entrepreneurs to develop a water-based propulsion system for CubeSats and small satellites.

SteamJet’s products include TunaCan Thruster (6 mN for 1-6U Cubesats), ThrusterOne (6mN for larger cubesats and small satellites), and Attitude Control Thruster (1-6mN for small, medium, and large satellites).

The company’s resistojet thrusters are designed to enable satellites to stay longer in space, change and optimize their orbit, avoid collisions, operate in constellations, and de-orbit.

The propulsion system development occurs within the SPRINT program, where SteamJet collaborates with the University of Southampton. The team members have skills and experience in Physics, Fluid-dynamics, Vacuum Physics, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Small Satellite design, Electrical Engineering, and Business Development.

Among the company’s partners, one can find Momentus, SatRevolution, Orbitare.

Connection with Russia
Founder from Russia - Pavel Savin.
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Payload Hosting Initiative (1st stage of Emirates Lunar Mission)

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TOP partners:

1. Momentus,
2. Satrevolution


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Grant from UKSA under the SPRINT project, supply MBRSC its thruster for their 12U bus

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