This page is intended to alert states and companies as well as investors about high risks, both for global security and directly customers and partners of the space companies related to the RF or its capital to be stained by common projects with a country “sponsoring world terrorism”.

This section shows the public companies that are quoted in western markets. The distinctive feature of these companies is their close (sufficiently substantial) connection with the Russian Federation, that in one way or another assists the Russian regime in its goals hostile to world security.
The links between the Russian Federation and the companies are as follows:
– Directly through key people who are subjects of the Russian Federation. This means that they may and are likely to be supervised by the secret services that oversee this sector of the economy
– Through Russian capital, which also allows the Russian regime to achieve its specific objectives.

Zavod Elecon

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JSC Zavod Elecon was founded in 1939 and is a leading Russian enterprise dedicated to the design and manufacture of electrical connectors. The company produces more than 70 types of connectors including 40 000 sizes Read More


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JSC Pluton is a scientific and production complex with an 89-years history. The accumulated experience, large potential of modern enterprise allow to develop and produce electrovacuum devices with microwave range in accordance with the strictest Read More