This unit is intended to alert states and companies as well as investors about high risks, both for global security and directly to Russian commercial space companies’ customers and partners to be stained by common projects with a country “sponsoring world terrorism”.

It is known that all sectors of the economy in the cause and purpose of corruption schemes are under the control and management of security services including the space sector, which is part of the military space force. In the Russian Federation there are no conditions for the emergence of commercial space companies as such. All existing so-called Russian commercial space companies are formed exclusively and due to the personal contacts of the founders with persons or security services and access to technology, capacity, government orders or contracts that the contacts coordinate or provide.

Absolutely all commercial space companies are tightly controlled by security services and created for one of the following purposes or their totality:
– Commercialization of Soviet developments with subsequent benefits for certain dignitaries;
– Commercialization to finance other military or military space projects
– Legalization and withdrawal of money resources outside the Russian Federation;
– Financing of projects outside the Russian Federation not related to the space sector (bribery of journalists, politicians, fighters, etc.)
– Access to external technologies, both legal and theft of ideas and technologies.

Joint Venture (Gonets / OneWeb)

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In 2017, OneWeb entered a joint venture with the Gonets company to sell the company’s satellite communications services in Russia in compliance with Russian law. Initially, OneWeb had a 60% of the joint venture’s stake, Read More


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Sovzond was founded in 1992 and is a Russian integrator in the field of remote sensing and geoinformation technologies. The company soon became a recognized leader in acquiring and leveraging geospatial data. Now Sovzond provides Read More

Plazma Sk

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The company was founded in 2012 by Alexander Dvoenko and registered in Saratov. After its creation, the company became a Skolkovo resident. In 2013, Skolkovo awarded the company with an $85K grant for the proof Read More


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Elbrus is a Scientific Research Bureau that was established in 1992 based on the Research Institute of Machines and Systems as a federal unitary enterprise to create software solutions for spacecraft control systems and geoinformation Read More


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Megarad LLC is a design center founded in 2014 with offices in Novosibirsk and Moscow and specialized in the development of radiation-hardened products for space applications. Megarad’s staff consists of more than 10 highly qualified Read More

Industrial Geodetic Systems R&D

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The company’s story started back in 2002 as a part of the West Siberian branch in OJSC Goszemkadastrsyomka VISHAGI. In VISHAGI, there was an R&D lab that performed maintenance works on geodetic equipment and organized Read More

Lin Industrial

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Lin Industrial is a Russian startup specialized in the development of small-lift launch vehicles. The company’s core products include the Taimyr 2-stage launch vehicle (payload capacity – 140 kg SSO and 200 kg LEO) and Read More

Energy SAT

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Energia Satellite Technologies is a joint venture of RSC Energia JSC and Airbus Defense and Space (former EADS Astrium). The agreement on establishing a joint venture to develop and manufacture telecom and Earth observation satellites Read More

Orbital technologies

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Orbital Technologies is a Moscow-based company that describes itself as a company of engineers, scientists, and space industry veterans dedicated to opening space for private enterprises. In 2010, the startup made an announcement that in Read More


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StartRocket is a Russian startup in the field of space research and technologies founded in 2018 by Vlad Sitnikov. The startup has two core projects under development the Orbital Display (jointly with Skolkovo Institute of Read More

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