About us

We are a group of volunteers interested in the space industry and united by the idea that Russia and Russian space companies pose a threat to the rest of the world so that any cooperation with the Russian space sector must be suspended. We’ve collected the data about Russian space companies provided on this website from open sources. We are open to cooperation and will also be glad to check, publish, or share more information on the Russian space sector, especially from reliable sources or insiders.
Actually, any decision-making person from the space sector, analyst, journalist, opinion leader, or volunteer could contribute to this project by sharing information about the Russian space companies on this website or providing us with worthy data to share.

The core team members working on this project have in-depth expertise in the space industry backed by years of experience in the sphere. We are ready to provide additional analysis on Russian space companies and their Western allies on request from journalists covering space news so that they can run their own investigations.
We believe that any cooperation with Russian space companies fuels Russia’s war against Ukraine, the first war in Europe of such a scale since WWII. We fully support the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine and are amazed by the bravery of the Ukrainian people. Also, we condemn the actions of the Kremlin’s bloody regime and all Russian war criminals.
We regard the development of the space sector and space technologies as a path to peaceful human space exploration and an intrinsic component of the development of human civilisation. Meanwhile, Russia is targeting space to conduct warfare there, and the Russian national space agency Roscosmos is producing intercontinental ballistic missiles. We are deeply concerned by the claims from the Russian officials and propagandists that they are ready to use nuclear weapons. That’s an obvious threat to the whole of humanity and our planet, and we wish it would never happen.

We hope that information we provide in this project will prevent Russian space companies from finding ways to evade sanctions by working with their partners and allies registered outside Russia. We also call for the space companies of the world to cancel any joint projects with Russia, if any are still active, and to stop providing them, their counterparts or their allies with any components, parts, equipment, technologies or intellectual property. Any sharing of knowledge or experience, providing training, internships or courses for members of the Russian space sector must be stopped.

We are confident that international isolation of the Russian space sector will weaken it substantially. But it will also give an impulse to the development of space technologies outside Russia, the rising of new start-ups in the space industry and the establishment of new ties between the existing market actors.
Our catalogue of Russian space companies is free to share, copy and use for research and investigations, but be sure to cite this site as the source of information so that more people could know and contribute to the project.