Russian Space Projects

The section is aimed to highlight significant world and Russian space projects, in which in one way or another Russian space companies have access to ideas, processes and technologies that they can use and do use for their purposes. In order not to contribute to the development of the Russian military space forces, the participation of Russian space companies and specialists in joint projects should be minimized. The implementation of all Russian modern projects is solely the merit of the external solution: suppliers, technologies, and materials, which emerged for them only thanks to the raising of the “Iron Curtain”. Minimization of mutual projects will make the development of the military-space programs of the RF actually impossible.
#ProjectCost of project, USD MNicheYear of implementationRU participantInternational participantsCountry of int. participantDescription of ineternational participation / Notes
1Spektr-UFMore than USD 110MAstrophysics2025NPO named after S.A. Lavochkin1. E2V
3. GMV (ground segment);
4. SENER (payload);
5. CDTI-Ministerio de Industria
6. The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI);
7. Complutense University of Madrid.
Electronics, Payload, Components, ground segment
2Millimetron (Spectrum-M)USD 300MAstrophysics2030NPO named after S.A. Lavochkin1. Italian space agency (ASI), 2. SumitomoItaly
Payload, high modulus carbon fiber for antenna panels.
3GAMMA-400n/aAstrophysics2030NPO named after S.A. Lavochkin1. National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)Italyn/a
4Luna-25 (Luna-Glob Lander)USD 74MRussian lunar program2022NPO named after S.A. Lavochkin, Space Research Institute (IKI RAS)1. Institute of Space Physics,
2. University of Bern,
3. ESA
Two payloads and Landing camera
5Luna-27 (Luna-Resurs-Lander)USD 65MRussian lunar program2024NPO named after S.A. Lavochkin, Space Research Institute (IKI RAS)1. University of Bern
2. Institute of Space Physics
3. Leonardo
4. ESA
3 payloads, drilling rig and langing system
6Luna-26 (Luna-Resource-1)n/aRussian lunar program2024NPO named after S.A. Lavochkin, Space Research Institute (IKI RAS)1. Institute of Experimental Physics
2. Institute of Atmospheric physics
3. Charles University
4.Institute of Space Physics
Slovak Republic
Czech Republic
4 payloads
7Luna-28 (Luna-Grunt) / Lunar stationUSD 7,3 (preliminary design)Russian lunar program2027NPO named after S.A. LavochkinCNSAChinaCooperation for Lunar Station
8Expedition-M (Phobos-Grunt 2)USD 130Deep space (Phobos exploration)2025NPO named after S.A. Lavochkinn/aEUThe Federal Space Program for 2016-2025 allocates 10 billion 151 million rubles for the exploration of the Mars satellite Phobos. The note to the document says that it will be implemented only with the participation of ESA.
9ExoMars 2022n/aMars orbiter, Mars lander, Mars rover2022 (planned)Roskosmos, Space Research Institute (IKI RAS)ESAEUMars rover Rosalind Franklin.
Carrier Module of spacecraft.
10Resonancen/aHydrometeorology2025+NPO named after S.A. LavochkinIn addition to Russian organizations, scientists and specialists from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, the USA, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Finland and France take part in the project.EUn/a
11Venus Globen/aDeep space (Venus)2030+NPO named after S.A. Lavochkin EVE-2 projectEUn/a
12Venera-Dn/aVenus lander2029Roskosmos, NPO named after S.A. LavochkinNASAUSAAdditional Payload
13Russian-Chinese cooperationn/aMoon and deep space.
Satellite navigation
n/an/aCNSAChinaInternational Lunar Science Station
13Russian-Kazakh cooperation (Baiterek)n/aLaunch complex Baiterek2023 - 2025Khrunichev State Space Research and Production CenterGovernment of the Republic of KazakhstanKazakhstanLaunc complex on Baikonur.
14ISSn/aInternational Space Stationup to 2025RoscocmosNASA, JAXA, CSA, ESAUSA
15Russian-Brazilian cooperationn/aOptoelectronic complex for operational monitoring of space debrisn/aRoscocmos1. Institute of Technology of the State of Pernambuco.
2. Brazilian Space Agency
BrazilGround segment
16Russian-South African cooperationn/aOptoelectronic complex for operational monitoring of space debrisn/aRoscocmosSouth African National Space Agency (SANSA)South AfricaGround segment
17Bion-M n/aBiological research satellites2024RoscocmosInternational partnersn/an/a
18AngoSat 2n/aGEO communication SC2022Roscocmos, ISS ReshetnevAirbus Defence & Space (payload)
AngoSat (operator SC)
Roscosmos part - manufacturing SC and Launch
19Space Adventuresn/aSpace tourism2022 - 2023RoscocmosSpace AdventuresUSARoscosmos provides two Soyuz-MS spacecraft
20TRABANTn/aSpace scienceup to 2025Space Research Institute (IKI RAS)University named after Eötvös (Eötvös Lorand University),
Wigner Center for Physics (Wigner Research Center for Physics),
VNE Electronics LTD,
BL-Electronics LTD.
HungaryScience collaboration
21Atlas Vn/aLV enginesn/aRoscosmosULAUSARoscosmos part - manufacturing RD 180 engines
22CAS500-2n/aLunch provider2022RoscosmosKARISouth KoreaRoscosmos provides Launch service
23Antaresn/aLV enginesn/aRoscosmosNorthrop GrummanUSARoscosmos part - manufacturing RD 181 engines
n/aEO2027RoscosmosASIItalyPlanned joint project of ROSCOSMOS and ASI (details unknown)