The list shows commercial space companies from the different countries with Russian roots. Founders or tops of these space companies are from Russia, have tight relations with Russian government space enterprises and military organizations, and trade secrets revelation cases are frequent. Despite on the their left the country, they still have relatives, which stay the point of pressure for such specialists to work in the Russian interests, and not in the interest of their partners and clients.

SteamJet Space

22.07.2022 0

SteamJet Space Systems Ltd was founded in September 2017 by a team of aerospace engineers and tech entrepreneurs to develop a water-based propulsion system for CubeSats and small satellites. SteamJet’s products include TunaCan Thruster (6 Read More


28.06.2022 0

Trans Astronautica is a startup founded by Joel Sercel in 2015, but till the beginning of 2020, there hasn’t been any progress. During 2015- 2020, Joel Sercel held the position of Chief Technology Officer at Read More

Zenno Astronautics

23.06.2022 0

Zenno Astronautics is a New Zealand-based startup founded in 2017 by former University of Auckland Engineering student Max Arshavsky. Arshavsky was born in Russia. During 2007-2009 he studied at the Moscow’s National Nuclear University MEPhI Read More

RBC Signals

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RBC Signals was founded in 2015 in Redmond, the USA, by Christopher Richins. A Russian native Olga Gershenzon was among the co-founders and served as Chief Strategy Officer till 2017. Gershenzon and her husband Vladimir Read More

Precious Payload

31.05.2022 0

Precious Payload was founded in 2017 by Andrei Maksimov (he has a Master’s degree in microelectronics from the National Nuclear University of Russia and previously owned 2 software development companies) and Andrei Rebrov (a co-founder Read More

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd.

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Commercial Space Technologies has been supporting the space industry with technical consultancy, mission and project management, commerce and launch brokerage since 1983. The company’s HQ is located in London and a representative office is located Read More

Astro Digital (former Aquila Space)

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Astro Digital (earlier Aquila Space) was founded in 2015 in the USA, California, by Bronwyn Agrios, Chris Biddy, Jan King, and Mikhail Kokorich. During Kokorich’s operations in the company, CFIUS has held two reviews of Read More

Promin Aerospace

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The company was founded in January 2021 by Misha Rudominski and Vitaliy Yemets, with HQ in Kyiv. The company’s core product is a Zaarbird launch vehicle (payload capacity – 0,1-3 kg). Promin Aerospace uses a Read More

German Orbital Systems

30.05.2022 0

German Orbital Systems (GOS) was formed as a spin-off from Technische Universität (TU) Berlin, a well-known university when it comes to satellite technology. However, in fact, the company was established as Exolaunch’s subsidiary in 2014, Read More


09.05.2022 0

Destinus SA is a Swiss-based space startup established by the former CEO of Momentus Mikhail Kokorich in 2021. After the history with the US CFIUS checking Momentus and revealing the company’s false statements, Mikhail sold Read More

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