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Joint Stock Company “Scientific and Production Association “Orion” was founded in 1946 upon the initiative of S.I. Vavilov Academician, President of Sciences of the USSR. Since 1994, it has been the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, the only one in the field of solid-state photo electronics.

Today, JSC SPA “Orion” majors in the design and manufacture of microphotoelectronic items for optoelectronic systems and complexes in the interests of science, manufacture, space and other industries. The main directions of activity are photoreceivers, and photodetectors, including second and third-generation photoelectronic modules, operated in UV to far IR band. Products are based on photosensitive semiconducting materials (Si, Ge, CdHgTe, InSb, InGaAs, GaP, AlGaN, PbSe, and PbS). Additionally, the company has capabilities to produce cooled to cryogenic temperatures microelectronic circuits for picking up and processing photo signals.

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