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ODK-Kuznetsov traces its history back to 1912, when a mechanical plant of the French Society of Gnome motors was opened in Moscow. Currently, the company consists of Samara-based aerospace engine companies, including JSC N.D. Kuznetsov SNTK, JSC Samara Design Bureau of Machine Building, and JSC NPO Volzhskiy AviTO.

Today UEC-Kuznetsov is an integrated structure in which all phases of the technological chain of the engine development are concentrated. The enterprise includes three key components a design bureau, a serial production plant for engines, and a unique testing facility. Among the tasks solved by the company’s team, the following stand out: production of new power plants for Tu-160 strategic missile carriers, repair and modernization of NK aircraft engines used on the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, serial production of engines for carrier rockets of the Soyuz type, production, and service of industrial turbines.

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