NPO Energomash named after V.P. Glushko

Launch vehicle manufacturing

Hardware for spacecraft

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NPO Energomash, named after academician Valentin Petrovich Glushko, known earlier as GDL-OKB (Gasdynamic laboratory – Experimental Design Bureau), is the Russian enterprise for the development of powerful liquid propellant rocket engines (LPRE).

The liquid-propellant rocket engines developed in NPO Energomash put into orbit practically all domestic space objects, from the first artificial satellite of the Earth, the first spacecraft with a man on board, up to the “Mir” orbital station and “Energia” super-power rocket with “Buran” space plane.

The company is a part of Roscosmos. Energomash supplies its engines for all Russian rockets such as Soyuz, Proton, and Angara, and also for the American launch vehicles such as Atlas-v and Antares. The company’s main revenue stream is the RD-180 engines for the ULA and RD-181 engines for the Orbital ATK.

Connection with Russia
Part of Roscosmos
TOP projects:

1. Atlas V (engines RD-180)
2. Antares (engines RD-181)
You can find more information in the section “International projects of RF.”

TOP Client:

1. ULA,
2. Northrop Grumman

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