JSC “Design Bureau of Chemical Automation”

Launch vehicle manufacturing

Hardware for launch vehicles

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Joint Stock Company Chemical Automatics Design Bureau (JSC KBKhA) was founded in 1940 and now is one of the world’s leaders in the development of liquid-propellant rocket engines, a participant in all domestic manned space exploration programmes. Today KhA is a modern scientific and production association conducting a complete cycle of liquid-propellant rocket engines – design, manufacture, testing and supply of commercial engines for defence, scientific and civilian applications rockets. It also produces science-based high-technological products.

The company has a science and technology complex that provides a complete cycle of LRE and components development. Nowadays, the key tasks of the STC are: and engineering support of RD0110 LRE serial production and operation in conditions of the third stage of Soyuz LV and engineering support of LRE serial production and operation in conditions of the second and the third stages of Proton-M LV, participation in RD0124A LRE flight tests in conditions of upper stages of Angara LV.

Except for the space field, KBKhA produces high-reliable aircraft compressors and reduces for helicopters and light aircraft.

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