JSC Corporation “Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering”

Launch vehicle manufacturing

Launch vehicles and military missiles design

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The history of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering began with the Decree of the Council of Ministers, approved in 1946, the main document that determined the development of post-war rocket science. Following the Decree, the Scientific Research Institute of Powder Rocket Projectiles – NII-1 was organized. In 1966, it received a new name – the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering (MIT). In 1998, it became the Federal State Unitary Enterprise; in 2010, it was transformed into OJSC “MIT Corporation,” and finally, in 2015, it became JSC “Corporation” MIT.

Today MIT is the leading enterprise developing solid-propellant strategic nuclear-missile intercontinental systems, land- and sea-based.

The MIT, in cooperation with the design bureaus, research institutes, and factories, ensured the development of a fundamentally new direction – manufacturing mobile ground missile systems with solid-propellant guided ballistic missiles such as Temp-S, Temp-2S, Pioneer, Topol, Topol-M, Yars.

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