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High Altitude Airship

High Altitude Airship

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Established in 1991 in Moscow Augur RosAeroSystems (RAS) is a manufacturer of airships and tethered aerostats.

In the early 2000s, RAS started developing the ATLANT hybrid, variable buoyancy cargo airship, primarily for applications in the harsh environment of the Arctic. RAS also was developing other advanced unmanned airship designs for long-duration surveillance roles.

In 2018, the Israeli firm LTA Advanced Technology Ltd acquired RosAeroSystems, its product lines, and its intellectual property. Since then, Atlas has moved the corporate headquarters to Yavne, Israel, and maintained subsidiaries in Russia and US. Atlas has stated that its business goals include enhancing the ATLANT variable buoyancy airship technology and commercializing ATLANT heavy-lift airships. In addition, Atlas is developing its own product lines of smaller electric-powered airships and specialized airships and aerostats for other missions.

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