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Astronomicon is a Russian laboratory specializing in Cubesat, nanosatellite, and picosatellite development.

The laboratory’s staff consists of young scientists from BSTU VOENMEH and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University with an experience in the field of electrical engineering, robotics, mechatronics, and space instrumentations. The laboratory has modern equipment and software for the spacecraft design and manufacturing processes.

Astronomicons’ technical solutions include SINERGIA – a block-modular nanosatellite platform (100x100x100mm) for scientific experiments in space. There is also a Missin Control Center available in the lab.

Astronomikon has a wide network of partnerships both in Russia and abroad. These companies include ISS Reshetnev, The Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Progress Industrial Systems SA (Switzerland).

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1. Promex LLC,
2. Radiant,
3. Platan


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