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Ground segment, Provider of satellite communication services

Provider of satellite communication services

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Moskovskiy Teleport is a leading satellite communication service provider founded in 1992 and is a subsidiary of Canadian-American Holding Stratos Global Corporation. In 1997 DeTeSat a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Telecom (further Plenexis) became a main shareholder of MT. The company’s goal is to provide a comprehensive solutions to the clients’ telecommunications tasks based on modern satellite communications technologies.


Moskovskiy Teleport specializes in the organization of corporate satellite networks, satellite channels, including channels for Internet access, the creation of multimedia and distribution networks for television and radio broadcasting, as well as the distribution of mobile satellite services, including BGAN Inmarsat.


MT’s clients are telecom operators and Internet service providers, as well as corporate users, such as banks and enterprises in the oil and gas and other sectors of the economy, the media, television and radio companies. Moskovskiy Teleport also has an extensive experience working with leading manufacturers and suppliers of satellite equipment and satellite operators, as well as knowledge of the specifics of local markets.

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Russian representative of Canadian-American holding
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2. AltegroSky

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