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Gamaya is a Swiss-based AgTech startup, EPFL spin-off founded in 2015 by Konstantin Dragos, Igor Ivanov, and Yosef Akhtman.

The company develops an agronomy intelligence platform to address crop and region-specific issues to increase the efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses. Depending on the region, the algorithms can be modified according to the local customers’ needs. For Brazil, there are 2 services in commercial operation: CANEFIT and TOBACCOFIT, which are applied depending on the analyzed crops. As a part of Horizon 2020, SOYBEAN and CORNFIT services for Ukraine and Eastern Europe are being developed. Other crops under R&D include wheat, palms, potatoes, and forestry.

Gamaya uses a combination of space-borne and proprietary drone-based hyperspectral imaging data, along with the corresponding historical climate and weather records. Gamaya also developed a unique hyperspectral camera with 40 spectral bands and works with its partners to deepen its knowledge in the field of agriculture. The technology is based on the projects of the 2011-2015 EPFL (Leman-Baikal-Russian initiative to study the conservation of water resources).

The Russian citizens represent most of the company’s staff, including the top management team – CEO Yuri Vasilkov, CFO Igor Ivanov, and CTO Evgeny Bogdanov, so Gamaya’s technical expertise and the company’s future vector of development are fully dependent on the Russian part of the team.

In the next three years, the company strives to become the global leader in Sugarcane, delivering analytical and decision support data-driven tools to manage the cultivation of a unique perennial global Crop and major source of biofuels.

Connection with Russia
Russian founder, Russian TOP management
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ATTRACT programme (within Horizon 2020)

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Philip Morris

TOP partners:

1. ESA
2. Ameropa
3. ETH Zurich
4. Agroscope


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Mahindra Group (takes 11,25% of the company), has a subsidiary in Brasil

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