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LV and SC chemical engines

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The A.M Isayev Chemical Engineering Design Bureau also known as KB KhimMash was founded in 1948. It started as the OKB-2 division of the NII-88 research institute, where A. Isaev directed the development of liquid rocket engines for ballistic missile based on submarines.

Today it is a rocket engine design and manufacturing company (a part of Roscosmos) located in the city of Korolyov. The bureau’s product line include engines for liquid-propellant rockets and boosters, engines for crewed spacecraft, turbopumps, valves, tanks. The enterprise equipment allows to carry out fire tests of developed engines, propulsion systems and their units with imitation of high-altitude conditions and also a pneumovacuum, hydraulic, gas-dynamic and vibrodynamic tests.

The Design Bureau of Chemical Engineering has a wide network of partners that include RSC Energia, NPO Lavochkin Company, ISS Rehetnev, Keldysh Research Center and others.

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