Turaevskoye machine-building design bureau “Soyuz”

Spacecraft manufacturing

Hardware for spacecraft

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Turaevo Machine-building Design Bureau Soyuz was established in 1964. In the beginning, the company specialized in developing low-thrust liquid rocket engines and space aircraft propulsion systems.

The company’s engines and propulsion systems were a part of the following programs: Space intercept, Global naval reconnaissance, Moon flyby and shooting of its hidden side, the delivery of Lunokhods, and the stabilization of orbital crewed space station Almaz. The company’s further developments included the creation of afterburners and variable nozzles for air-breathing engines and ramjets and the creation of ramjet for supersonic cruise missiles.

Using its own facilities and those of TsAGI and Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development, Soyuz experimentally researched different fuel delivery methods, optimized the combustor geometry, and defined the dependence of combustion quality on injection type and burner intake conditions. Nowadays, Soyuz is a part of Tactical Missiles Corporation, which provides for the stability of its activity and creates possibilities for the company’s further development.

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