Trans-world Metals International


Aluminum products for rockets, satellites, airplanes.

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The company was established in 1977 by the two brothers David and Simon Reuben. It positioned itself as a distributor and producer of aluminum products. The enterprise is also specialized in winged metal catering for rockets, satellites, wheels, airplanes, and the household sectors.

By 1995, the company had a turnover of close to $4,9B and accounted for 5 percent of the world’s aluminum production, according to the company. The company was a part of the Trans-world group that was an association of commodities traders controlling stakes in most of Russia’s aluminum smelters. In early 2000, Trans-World Group sold most of its aluminum holdings to Roman Abramovich who merged them with Oleg Deripaska’s company to create Russian Aluminium (today Rusal).

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