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Terra Tech was established in December 2017 by State Corporation Roscosmos’s strategic initiative to serve as remote sensing data and solutions provider.

The main activity of the company is the development of geographic information solutions based on sources of spatial information, primarily Earth remote sensing data (from Kanopus-V and Resurs-P constellations), for the benefit of government agencies, commercial organizations, and individuals. The company’s services are based on machine learning, integration with related services and technologies (navigation, geolocation, the IoT, Big Data, etc.) and are actively used for daily monitoring of agricultural land, identification of unused land, regular monitoring of forestry activities, calculation of potential property or land taxes including taxes on plots and buildings owns by companies and individuals.

In 2021, Terra Tech, together with the Scientific Research and Design Institute of Informatization, Automation, and Communication in Railway Transport (NIIAS, a subsidiary of Russian Railways), began to develop a technology for monitoring the construction of the railway infrastructure of the Baikal-Amur Mainline.

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