JSC “Organization “Agat “

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Joint stock company Organization Agat is a leading economic research organization established in 1973. Today, Agat systematically studies the economic problems associated with the development and manufacturing of rocket and space technology, provides a feasibility Read More

Geoscan Technologies

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Geoscan Technologies (GT) was established in 2004 for the implementation of R&D in the fields of space technologies and telecommunications, geophysics, radio science and space physics, and monitoring of natural and technological disasters with the Read More

Asgardia Independent Research Center Gmbh

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The Asgardia Independent Research Center (AIRC), formerly The Aerospace International Research Center, was founded by Igor Ashurbeyli at the end of 2013. AIRC is based in Vienna, where the headquarters of the United Nations Committee Read More

Breakthrough Initiatives

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The Breakthrough Initiatives company was founded in 2015 by Yuri and Julia Milner and is funded by their foundation to seek scientific evidence of life in the Universe. Among their initiatives: Breakthrough Listen – a Read More

Skolkovo Innovation Center

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The Skolkovo Innovation Center is Russian Silicon Valley analogue established with the aim to concentrate the country’s scientific and business potential for the development and commercialization of the most promising projects in strategic directions such Read More