Success Rockets

LV and Spacecraft manufacturing. EO provider.

LV manufacturer. SC manufacturer. EO VAS service

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Success Rockets was founded in 2020 as a vertically integrated company. It develops solutions in all areas of space exploration, from the development of the ground segment for data acquisition and ultra-light launch vehicles to the provision of orbital, satellite construction, and subsequent data processing services.

The launch segment of the company is represented by the Stalker launch vehicle with a payload capacity of 250 kg at LEO and the Nebo launch vehicle for meteorological research.

Satellite construction service is represented by the SKIBR satellite platform, which can be delivered in three modifications – from CubeSat 3U to a small satellite with a mass of over 100 kg.

In-orbit services are based on technology from the company’s launch and satellite construction segment and are represented by space tugs called STRANNIK-1/2.

The company also claims to work in all significant niches in the data analysis segment, from agriculture to solving environmental issues.

Connection with Russia
Russian company. All staf and founder (Oleg Mansurov) are Russian.
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1. Dagestan development Corporation (to build spaceport “Europa” in 2025).
2. Sevon E&C (South Korea) – JV posible


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