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Stratonavtika LLC was founded in 2019 by Denis Efremov jointly with the “Kefir” company on the basis of the laboratory of aerospace research “Blizhniy Cosmos.” Before the company was founded, starting in 2011, the laboratory conducted activities dedicated to the stratospheric launches. Its staff has been carrying out more than 130 successful stratospheric launches up to 40 km, ensuring the evacuation of the payload from the landing site.

After its foundation, the company became a Skolkovo resident. Today, Stratonavtika has the technologies for providing stratospheric flights, including several types of stratospheric platforms, long-range radio communication systems, flight control systems, a gas filling complex, a mobile flight control center with an automatic tracking system for a stratospheric balloon, systems for collecting, transmitting and visualizing telemetry data and other necessary equipment. With its technologies, the company plans to offer space tourism services in the future.

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Russian company. Founder - Efremov Denis
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1. Huawei,
2. Swedish Institute of space physics

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