Operator of spacecrafts. Spacecraft manufacturing.

Spacecraft operator. Spacecraft manufacturer

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StartRocket is a Russian startup in the field of space research and technologies founded in 2018 by Vlad Sitnikov. The startup has two core projects under development the Orbital Display (jointly with Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology) and Securing Space (jointly with Kaspersky Lab, which provides technical documentation and information support).

Orbital Display is the concept of advertising from space using the satellites that will orbit at 400-500 km altitude delivering 3-4 messages/images per day and having a viewable area of 50km2 using the Sun as a light source.

As of Securing Space project, StartRocket has the ambitions to reduce space debris with its Foam Debris Catcher – a series of small and autonomous satellites that catch and de-orbit space junk using a sticky polymer foam. In 2020 the company carried out a series of two-step experiments both on Earth and in space with its first orbital test planned for 2023.

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