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The Skolkovo Innovation Center is Russian Silicon Valley analogue established with the aim to concentrate the country’s scientific and business potential for the development and commercialization of the most promising projects in strategic directions such as information technologies, energy-efficient technologies, nuclear technologies, biomedical technologies, space technologies and communications.

The core activity of the Innovation Center is the financial support of the startups in a form of grants. The structure of the Skolkovo includes a Technopark, the purpose of which is to provide the participating companies with the necessary support for the successful development of their technological assets.

The areas of work with the companies within Technopark include: team building and recruitment for functional services (accounting, marketing, legal department, etc.), ensuring the protection of intellectual property, creating an image and promoting an innovative product/service, training, incubation activities, providing access to research equipment at the disposal of Skolkovo structures and external partners, providing scientific and technological expertise of the Skolkovo Institute of Technology and other partners Academic and Research institutions.

It is supposed that interaction with Skolkovo venture funds, as well as with the Russian and international investment community (consulting, coaching, assistance in organizing and maintaining key management procedures and business processes) wwill provide the entire list of necessary steps for the successful development of startups and the successful implementation of their ideas.
The first group of the Center’s partners consists of a such companies as Boeing, Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, Nokia Networks, IBM, Ericsson. In the second group – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tel-Aviv and Cagliari Univeristy and Harvard Medical School

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