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Seraphim is a London-based venture capital fund investing in SpaceTech. Powered by capital from leading space companies and government agencies, Seraphim has a business model combining investment funds, accelerators, and an angel investor platform.

Seraphim typically invests at the Series A stage into IP-led businesses that have the potential to redefine large existing markets or create entirely new ones. Over the last decade, this has included artificial intelligence (computer vision, neural networks, machine learning), the Internet of Things (software, sensors), and advanced materials (polymers, semiconductors).

Seraphim supported over 50 SpaceTech companies across its Angels, Fund and Accelerator and generated significant Co-Investment opportunities for its LPs at Series B and beyond. Seraphim’s portfolio includes three companies that have announced SPAC mergers to list on Nasdaq, such as AST, Arqit, and Spire. In 2021, Seraphim announced plans to trade stakes it has amassed in space technology startups on the public market through an investment trust.

The fund has connections with the Russian Federation through Igor Ashurbeyli, who served in Seraphim as an Advisor and Shareholder. Ashurbeyli is the owner of several enterprises that are part of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

For example, he is a co-founder of the Sotsium group of companies, through which he owns the Military-Industrial Company (VPK), where his son Ruslan took the position of CEO. The companies of the Sotsium group are manufacturers of components for the S-400 complex (long and medium-range anti-aircraft missile system).

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