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Scanex is a leading Russian Earth observation company providing near real-time optical and radar imagery and information services to governmental and commercial customers.

Scanex’s portfolio includes ground station solutions, advanced remote sensing software, geospatial services, and information dissemination platforms.

Scanex web services, including Maritime, Fires, and Agro services, provide near real-time access to critical information.

The company has distribution agreements with Airbus Defense and Space, e-Geos, MDA, ImageSat International, RESTEC, Deimos.

The company’s customers include the Russian Ministry of Emergency, Gazprom, Atomflot, Yandex, Russian Ministry of Natural resources.

In the near 5 years, Scanex plans to expand its network of data suppliers and enter new markets and new industries that don’t use satellite technologies yet. Right now, more than 70 Scanex UniScan ground stations have been deployed worldwide by Scanex.

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TOP projects:

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TOP Client:

1. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

TOP partners:

1. Google
2. RBC Signals


1. Airbus,
2. 21AT Asia
3. ImageSat International,
4. MDA,
5. Digital Globe,
6. SI Imaging Services,
7. e-geos,
8. Planet Labs
9. SpaceWill Info. Co., Ltd
10. DMC International Imaging
11. European Space Imaging
12. US Geological Survey

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