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RK-Tsifra is an IT integrator that was founded in 2020 to achieve the goals declared in the Digital Transformation Strategy of the State Corporation Roscosmos until 2025 and to improve the efficiency of Roscomos’ activities.

The main tasks of RK-Tsifra LLC are the centralization of the functions of development, implementation, support and continuous improvement of information technologies, the creation and commercialization of digital products and services, as well as construction of a reliable, efficient and secure IT infrastructure for the needs of organizations of the State Corporation Roscosmos.

The integrator’s goals include increasing productivity and business performance through the development of information technologies to ensure transparency and manageability of the Corporation and establishing a transparent IT cost structure and clear cost management mechanisms.

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1. Huawei,
2. Base alt,
3. Avaya,
4. Astra linux


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