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Ground segment

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RBC Signals was founded in 2015 in Redmond, the USA, by Christopher Richins. A Russian native Olga Gershenzon was among the co-founders and served as Chief Strategy Officer till 2017.

Gershenzon and her husband Vladimir were co-founders of a Russian company called Scanex (which processes satellite data and distributes Earth imagery) since 1990. Gershenzon left RBC Signals in 2017, and now she is a co-founder and Deputy Director General at Russian startup LoReTT. Potentially, the technologies developed at RBC Signals can be used now in LoReTT’s developments.

RBC Signals is a provider of global satellite data communication products and solutions. It offers secure space communication solutions in every major frequency band (VHF, UHF, S, C, X, Ku, Ka), utilizing a worldwide network of both company-owned and partner-owned systems.

The company acts as a broker for global satellite connectivity services and counts the U.S. government among its customers. However, because RBC’s business model relies on partnerships with satellite ground stations worldwide, RBC has to work with countries that the U.S. government views as rivals on the space frontier. In particular, Russia and China.

RBC Signals delivers dynamic solutions offering affordability, flexibility, and resiliency. The company has agreements to use more than 80 antennas at more than 50 locations in more than 20 countries to communicate with orbiting satellites. Most of those agreements take advantage of spare bandwidth for data delivery.

The venture’s clients include Swarm Technologies, Momentus Space, and SatRevolution. RBC Signals also collaborates with Amazon Web Services on AWS Ground Station services.

Connection with Russia
Founder was Russian - Olga Gershenzon. Company representatives attended Startup Village conferences in Skolkovo (in 2017). Alex Shumilin – Director of Engineering - is Russian too. Some Ground Station in the RBC network located in RF.
TOP projects:

1. Colombian-Ecuadorian lunar program
2. ​Irvine CubeSat

TOP Client:

1. Spaceflight,
2. Swarm,
3. Momentus,
4. Satrevolution
5. Astranis Space Technologies;
6. Deimos Space;
7. Planetary resources;
8. Analytical Space;
9. Spacety
10. SpaceQuest
11. HellasSat

TOP partners:

1. AWS,
2. GomSpace,
3. EXA,
4. Inmarsat,
5. Kubos,
6. CM Technology,
7. Taiwan National Space Agency (NSPO)
8. Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency (EXA)
9. Colombian Space agencies


Collecting data
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SmallSat – February 03.02-06.02.2020
2022 Smallsat show


$74K (Dept of the Air Force, SBIR I) 2019
$49K Dept of the Air Force, SBIR I) 2019

Subsidiaries / sister companies:

Except the USA, the company has an office in UK

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