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Hardware for spacecraft

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The company was founded in 2012 by Alexander Dvoenko and registered in Saratov. After its creation, the company became a Skolkovo resident.

In 2013, Skolkovo awarded the company with an $85K grant for the proof of concept and primary research. The startup’s core solution is a nanocarbon coating to suppress the effect of secondary electron emission on the metal surfaces of the UHF equipment of communication satellites.

Expected advantages of the company’s technologies: reduction of max values of secondary electron emission coefficient up to 100% (against 10-50% at competitors), the realization of technology under ordinary conditions, low-cost equipment ($0,8M-$1,2M against $4-$8M at competitors).

The company’s intellectual property is protected by two Russian patent applications and 2 international PCT applications. Since 2017 there have been no significant updates about the company’s activities.

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