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PJSC Saturn was established in 1964 and operated as a diversified enterprise for the development and production of chemical and physical current sources, sensor and transducer apparatus, electromechanical generators, and electrical engineering products for special and general industry purposes. In the late ’80s-’90s, the enterprise became a developer of solar arrays and storage batteries for spacecraft and measuring and control equipment for those products.

Over the years of its existence, Saturn PJSC has been equipped with storage batteries and solar arrays for more than 1200 spacecraft operating in all types of orbit. The main activities of the company today are the development and production of solar cells and solar arrays, Nickel-Hydrogen and Lithium-Ion storage batteries, and test equipment.

Other company activities include the development and production of special technology equipment, development of all types of manufacturing jigs for physical and chemical power supplies production, using the results of space activities (RSA) in the territory of the Krasnodar region (i.e. gradual formation of a navigation field of centimeter precision and processing of Earth remote sensing data (satellite images)).

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