PJSC NPO “Iskra”

Launch vehicle manufacturing

Hardware for launch vehicles

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The company was founded in 1955 with the aim of rocket technologies development. Iskra has the 50-years of experience in the manufacture and optimization of solid rocket motors (SRM) and gas generators for rocket-and-space systems. It is considered one of the principal companies in this branch of the industry, participating almost in all major formation programs of new rocket SRM complexes.

The range of sustainer solid motors (developing and designing) includes SRM for mother missiles and booster rockets with a diameter up to 3000 mm and fuel weight of 75000 kg, solid motors for high-altitude stages having high-area-ratio nozzles with telescopic extensions. In sustainer motors, there are widely used structural organic and carbon-filled plastics, high-performance C-C, heat-barrier and elastomeric materials with unique properties.

For perfecting the design and performance of expandable nozzles at Iskra, the unique test facility was set up to study the expansion process and running the simulated high-altitude SRM’s firing tests. With its design bureau, the company offers experimental work on the development in the field of space engineering.

Iskra operates through a subsidiary Iskra-R ZAO and several affiliated companies.

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