Orbital Express

SC operator, SC manufacturer

Developer of an OTV and in-orbit service SC.

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Orbital Express is a Moscow-based company established in 2020 by a group of Russian engineers and specialists with experience of working at state-owned rocket and space enterprises. Orbital Express as a startup since 2021 has been a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation (Russian version of technology park and Silicon Valley in one place).

Orbital Express is developing space logistic service widely known as Space Tug or Orbit Transfer Vehicle under the name – Satco space tug. It is going to be a spacecraft to facilitate launches of cubesats and small spacecraft. With capabilities to increase/decrease orbit altitude and make maneuver for orbit phasing of satellite or satellite constellation. Also deep space missions will be available – to The Moon, Mars and Venus. Additionaly company is planning to provide hosting service. So third party payload provider could host its payload on board of Satco which will be operational for 3 years after launch. The Satco is supposed to be launched simultaneously aboard Roscosmos or Russian launch vehicles, so the company has partnered with main players on the Russian market – Roscosmos, GK Launch.

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