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OneSoil is a Switzerland-based agro-tech company founded in 2017 by Slava Mazai, Vsevolod Genin, and Aleksandr Yakovlev that develops an analytical platform for precision farming.

At the beginning of its operations, the company attracted $500,000 of investments from Haxus (now Palta VC owned by former VP of Group Yuri Gurski), investing company Bulba Ventures (owned by Yuri Melnichek), and the co-founder of EPAM Systems Leonid Lozner to cover the operational costs and develop the product.

In 2020, the company opened a Swiss-based entity – OneSoil AG. In 2021, the company added Russian citizen Pavel Bogdanov to its board of directors. Bogdanov is a General Partner at the US-based Almaz Capital, which now controls 18,6% of the OneSoil.

The company’s products are based on Machine Learning algorithms to analyze free satellite images (such as Sentinel-1, 2), data from ground equipment, and drone footage. The OneSoil platform is available to customers through mobile applications (Android and iOS), as well as a web application.

Using the mobile application, the user can quickly assess the condition of the fields using the Normalized Vegetation Index (NDVI), conduct a field tour, and leave notes that can later be shared with colleagues (scout features). Moreover, the application allows to mark the stages of crop growth, find out the best time for spraying and plot a route to a problematic point in the field variable rate, view the weather forecast, and view efficiency graphs and vegetation zones.

The planned monetization of the company’s product is from selling the analytics for agricultural holdings and chemical companies and selling its proprietary ground sensors and modems. OneSoil already has more than 200,000 farmers and consultants using its service across more than 180 countries. The company claims that roughly 5% of the world’s total arable land (197 million acres) is covered by OneSoil users, which include major agriculture companies like BASF and Krone.

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Founders has a 50+% of shares. HAXUS, BULBA Ventures, Leonid Lozner – 25%. Almaz Capital (was a lead investor in company’s 5M round. Where was acquired 18,6% of shares. Amount of Almaz Capital shares – n/a

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