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Experimental Design Bureau FAKEL (hereafter referred to as EDB Fakel) is one of the leading companies in Russia and the world, having a 55-year of experience in the development of Electric Propulsion Systems (EPS). These propulsion systems were successfully used for orbit-keeping purposes since the launch of the first spacecraft such as Meteor and Meteor-Priroda in the 70s.

Main products:

  • Stationary plasma thrusters – SPT (thrust from 40 to 290 mN). The main application is the correction of the orbit, less often, the final ascent;
  • Hydrazine thermal catalytic engines (thrust from 0.113 to 7 N). The main application is the orientation of the spacecraft in orbit;
  • Works on the creation of nano-engines for use on small spacecraft, including the CubeSat type. The share of OKB “Fakel” in the world production of engines for spacecraft for various purposes is about 10%.

The production capabilities of OKB Fakel include:

  • processing of high-temperature alloys and ceramics,
  • welding (diffusion, spot, argon-arc, laser, electron beam),
  • soldering of refractory materials with soft and hard solders of steel and titanium,
  • plasma spraying,
  • magnetic pulse stamping
  • “clean” assembly.
  • Well-established closed production cycle allows producing about a hundred engines per year.

The main domestic consumers of products: ISS, named after M.F. Reshetnev, RSC Energia, and NPO named after S.A. Lavochkin, GKNPTs named after M.V. Khrunichev, OJSC VNIIEM Corporation.

The main foreign consumers of products: Space Systems/Loral, Airbus D&S, THALES ALENIA SPACE, OHB.

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1. OneWeb,
2. OHB Systems GMBH,
3. Thales Alenia,
4. SS/Loral,
5. Airbus Defense

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Airbus DS


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