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Spacecraft manufacturing

Hardware for spacecraft

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Lavochkin Association was founded in 1937 and is a large design, scientific and production association and one of the major companies in the space-rocket industry with over 4500 employees.

The enterprise develops and produces space systems for applied and science purposes, unmanned spacecraft (including small spacecraft) for astrophysical and planetary research, Earth remote sensing, studies of solar-terrestrial relations as well as orbit-injection means (upper stages, fairings, transfer compartments), unified space platforms, hardware and software complexes for tests and flight control.
The company performs a total cycle of spacecraft preparation for flight: ground tests, preparation at the launch pad, control from the mission control center, and ballistic support of interplanetary missions and near-earth spacecraft.

Besides, the company has developed and manufactured the Spektr-R spacecraft for the RadioAstron mission, the Spektr-Rg astrophysical space observatory, and is developing a descent module and a landing platform for the ExoMars-2022 mission.

Connection with Russia
Part of Roscosmos
TOP projects:

1. Spectrum-UF: Astrophysics spacecraft. Launch planned in 2025 .
2. GAMMA-400: Astrophysics spacecraft. Launch planned in 2030.
3. Millimetron (Spectrum-M): Astrophysics spacecraft. Launch planned in 2030.
4. Luna-25 (Luna-Glob Lander).
5. Luna-27 (Luna-Resurs-Lander).
6. Luna-26 (Luna-Resource-1).
7. Luna-28 (Luna-Grunt) / Lunar station
8. Expedition-M (Phobos-Grunt 2)
9. ExoMars
10. Resonance
11. Venus Globe
12. Venera-D
You can find more information in the section “International projects of RF.”

TOP Client:

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TOP partners:

1. JAXA (Japan),
2. Italian space agency,
3. ESA


1. E2V (UK),
2. GMV (Spain),
3. SENER (Spain),
4. Sumitomo (Japan),
5. Leonardo (Italy),
6. ESA

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Space Resources Week 19.04-22.04.21


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