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Megarad LLC is a design center founded in 2014 with offices in Novosibirsk and Moscow and specialized in the development of radiation-hardened products for space applications. Megarad’s staff consists of more than 10 highly qualified specialists (including three PhDs) with experience in the development and implementation of rad-tolerant ICs for aerospace applications.

In 2015 the company’s project “Rad-hard DC/DC converter” received a grant from Skolkovo Foundation. The Megarad’s current developments include a family of micropower Analog-to-digital converters for use in telemetry and measurement systems and DC/DC converters.

The company’s partners and customers are space and military enterprises such as Russian Space Systems, Progress, and ElTom. Also, jointly with the Novosibirsk State University, Megarad is working on the smallsat development project.

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