Lin Industrial

Launch vehicle and spacecraft manufacturing

Hardware for spacecraft and launch vehicles

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Lin Industrial is a Russian startup specialized in the development of small-lift launch vehicles. The company’s core products include the Taimyr 2-stage launch vehicle (payload capacity – 140 kg SSO and 200 kg LEO) and Sibir 2-stage launch vehicle (payload capacity 700 kg to SSO and 1000 kg LEO). Among the other planned projects are the space tug for micro and nanosatellites (collaboration project with the Bauman Moscow State Technical University) and “Moon Seven” – a Moon base for its study and access to its resources.

The company’s staff consists of skilled engineers and managers with a technical background from the Khrunichev State Space Research and Production Center. Lin Industrial’s employees were also a part of the “Selenokhod” team that was the only Russian participant in the Google Lunar X PRIZE international competition.

Connection with Russia
Russian company. Founder - Alexander Ilyin
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1. Baltic Space Agency,
2. Laros Avia & Space


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