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The Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center was founded on the basis of the Khrunichev Machine Building Plant and the Salyut Design Bureau by Presidential Decree on June 7, 1993. The goal was to make the production business and foreign economic relations of major space industry companies more efficient and to further promote Russian technologies in the international market. In the 2000s Khrunichev entered a vertical integration programme to bring its principal suppliers under a single management as a result Khrunichev absorbed PO Polyot, Proton-PM, Voronezh Mechanical Plant,KBKhM, KBhA.

Nowadays Khrunichev State Space Research and Production Center is a state-owned entity specialising in the research and manufacturing of space vehicles/crafts and stations’ modules, liquid-propellant rocket engines and space communications system. The company’s main developments are dedicated to Angara rocket family – a family of launch vehicles capable to put between 3800kg- 24500kg in low earth orbit.

Another area of Khrunichev’s activities is the development of space systems based on small satellites for remote earth sensing.

Connection with Russia
Part of the Roscosmos
TOP projects:

1. Launch complex Baiterek
2. Eurockot

TOP Client:

1. KARI,
2. Boeing

TOP partners:

1. Arian Group
2. Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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Subsidiaries / sister companies:

1. Eurockot Launch Services GmbH (is a joint venture with ArianeGroup)
2. International Launch Services – is a U.S. company incorporated in Delaware providing mission and launch services with LV Proton

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