Scientific and Production Center for Automation and Instrumentation (Pilyugin Center)

Launch vehicle and spacecraft manufacturing

Hardware for spacecraft and launch vehicles

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Scientific Production Association of Automation and Instrument-Building, also known as the academician Pilyugin Center (Roscosmos subsidiary), was founded in 1946 and based in Moscow. In 2008, an integrated structure was created. Together with the Pilyugin Center, it included three branches – the production association “Korpus” (Saratov),” ​​Zvezda” plant (Ostashkov), and the “Sosensky instrument-making plant” (Kaluga region).

The enterprise develops guidance, navigation, and flight control systems for ballistic missiles, space launch vehicles, and spacecraft. It has produced systems for the Angara, Soyuz, Proton-PM, launch vehicles, and also for the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Vega probes.

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