JSC “Peleng”

Spacecraft manufacturing

Hardware for spacecraft

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The company was established in 1974 by reorganization of the designing section of the Vavilov Minsk Mechanical Plant (BelOMO) into the Central Designing Bureau Peleng. In 1994, the Designing Bureau was transformed into the Joint-Stock company Peleng. Today, Peleng is a leading design enterprise in the optoelectronic industry of the Republic of Belarus.

The enterprise has a powerful production (industrial buildings and structures of JSC Peleng comprise more than 17000 m2) and intellectual potential. Over 2,000 employees work in the company, and more than half of them are highly qualified engineering and technical personnel. The enterprise’s production is represented by optical, machining and assembly production.

The company has a long-term leader’s reputation and proven experience of participation in such large-scale projects as the creation of special-purpose equipment for spacecraft and satellites, modernization of meteorological services, and implementation of large foreign orders, including space instrumentation area.

The main volume of the company’s products is exported. Except for Russia and CIS countries, the buyers of JSC Peleng products are United Arab Emirates, India, China, and other countries.

Connection with Russia
Belarussian company. In 2012, Roscosmos planned to buy 48% of the shares.
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48,93% of shares are dedicated to the government. The remaining are divided by 1659 shareholders (mostly top management)

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