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Founded in 1962, JSC Integral is the largest manufacturer of integrated circuits and semiconductor devices in central and eastern Europe.


Integral is a complex of enterprises and design bureaus that provide a full circle of product – from the design stage to serial producton. The types of products manufactured by JSC Integral include Memories, Microcontrollers, Drivers, Peripherals, TV and audio ICs, Telecommunication ICs, Power Electonics, Standard Analog ICs, Standard Digital Logic ICs.


The Integrals’ components are used successfully in space electronics products special and dual purpose, household appliances products and telecommunications, industrial automation, motor drives, power supplies and others. In total, more than 2200 types of ICs, 800 types of discrete semiconductor devices, 200 types of LCD and 80 items of electronic equipment for medicine and health control, banking, trade, agriculture etc. are produced.

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In 2021 there was a merger with “Integraltechservice”. 100% of shares are controlled by the government. Managed by Ministry of Industry

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