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ImageAiry is a startup founded by Alexandra Kudryashova and Katerina Kotenko-Lengold in 2013, with offices in Moscow and Silicon Valley. Later, after its creation, the ImageAiry was acquired by Astro Digital, where Katerina Kotenko served as a Vice President after the merger. The company is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of Earth observation services.

With the help of the marketplace, it is possible to connect the companies offering imagery acquisition, processing, and consultancy services with businesses in need of such information. Companies in various industries, from agriculture to construction, use satellite imagery for decision-making support. However, business owners who are dependent on satellite images face the challenge of specifying complex technical parameters and must have an engineering background. Based on the user’s industry or specific task, the company’s search algorithm finds and suggests suitable satellite pictures, imagery resellers, or consulting companies that are suitable to business owners’ specific needs.

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