Gonets Satellite System

Operator of spacecrafts

Operator of spacecrafts

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Joint Stock Company Satellite System GONETS is the operator of Russian satellite communication and relaying systems made by order of the State Space Corporation Roscosmos.

The company’s mission is to provide high-quality mobile satellite communication and relaying services to the entire territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Another important task is to participate in the development of advanced space communication and relaying systems in cooperation with other companies in the Russian space industry. Except for the Gonets mobile communication satellite system, the company is also the operator of the multifunctional space relaying system Loutch. The main task of the system is relaying information on the entire trajectory of the flight of launch vehicles’ upper stages and various purpose spacecraft, including the International Space Station.

The company works in such industries as oil & gas, fishery, environmental, heavy equipment, and transportation.

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1. OneWeb,
2. Dauria Aerospace,
3. Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary


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