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V.I. Vernadsky Institue of Geochemisry and Analytical Chemistry is one of the major Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Institute has been organized in March 1947 by the Presidium of the Academy OF Sciences of the USSR on the basis of the V.I. Vernadsky laboratory for Geomchemical problems and has started its activity in this status sicne April 1947. The Institute is engaged in scientific research in the field of studying terrestrial processes and comic bodies.


A significant place in its work belongs to the research on the geochemistry of the ocean. The institute has a specialized vessel Akademik Boris Petrov for that purpose. During the numerous expeditions, the scientists of the Institute obtained important data on the structure of the sea bottom and the processes occuring in marine sediments.


With a new space era the institute has become the one of the leader in the field of the Moon and planets research. The Institute developed scientific devices, which were installed on space vehicles directed to the Moon and Venus. The Institute has also a profound experience in radio-geochemical research.

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