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Geo Alliance is an Earth-observation-oriented company that specializes in obtaining, processing, and applying imagery data from Earth remote sensing satellites.

The company’s key offerings include distribution of raw satellite images and PCI Geomatica software for aero photo and satellite data processing, orthorectification, creation of Digital Elevation Models, 3D modeling, GPS survey, and processing of satellite and aero photo images.

Geo Alliance is an authorized distributor of data from leading remote sensing satellites such as QuickBird, WorldView, SPOT, IKONOS, OrbView, ASTER, LANDASAT, TerraSAR-X, etc. The company’s business activity covers all territory of Russia and former republics of the USSR.

Business partners and customers include Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography, Moscow Aerospace Institute, Federal State Unitary Enterprises, Federal Aerial Geodetic enterprises, military units, private commercial geodetic and cartographic companies, and environmental and agriculture planning firms.

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1. PCI Geomatics,
2. Airbus,
3. 21AT,
4. USGS,
5. Deimosimaging,
6. Digital Globe,
7. SI Imaging Services

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