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Energia Satellite Technologies is a joint venture of RSC Energia JSC and Airbus Defense and Space (former EADS Astrium). The agreement on establishing a joint venture to develop and manufacture telecom and Earth observation satellites was signed in 2011.

In 2013, Energia Satellite Technologies received a license for conducting space activities. The top-priority task for the joint venture was to set up a comprehensive team of specialists, perform training and practical study at Airbus DS, acquire advanced technologies for designing telecom spacecraft and payload modules, and manufacture high-power spacecraft within the frameworks of Express-AM4R and AM7 programs.

In 2015, the joint venture started work under the AngoSat project. It was responsible for introducing advanced project management methods, coordinating the system design of spacecraft based on Russian and European technologies and equipment, and coordinating further complex tests of Angosat.

Connection with Russia
JV between RKK Energia (51%) and EADS Astrium (Airbus) (49%). Obtained license from Roscosmos in 2013.
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