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Destinus SA is a Swiss-based space startup established by the former CEO of Momentus Mikhail Kokorich in 2021. After the history with the US CFIUS checking Momentus and revealing the company’s false statements, Mikhail sold his stake for approximately $40 million. Avoiding potential lawsuits, he moved with his family to Switzerland, where Destinus was established.

The company is developing aircraft logistic service. The basis of the business idea is to accelerate the delivery of various goods between continents. It declares that it will take less than two hours to bring necessary goods or other items from Europe to Asia. To bring the idea to life, the company is developing a hypersonic aircraft that can achieve the speed of 15 mach in the mesosphere. This vehicle can take off and land horizontally under the action of air-breathing jet engines. Additionally, it will be totally nature-friendly technology because it uses hydrogen as a fuel.

Destinus SA, like the previous projects of the founder, is characterized by one property – these projects seek to offer the market an innovative solution that no one has ever been able to physically implement before.

By the end of 2022, the company aims to show its prototype to break the sound barrier. Destinus’ hyperplanes will initially serve the rapidly growing air cargo market.

In the long run, Destinus intends to transport people and cargo. Among the potential customers are DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, Lufthansa, and Emirates. Right now, the company is actively looking for investments.

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