Commercial Space Technologies Ltd.

Launch agregator

Launch agregator

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UK / Russia

Commercial Space Technologies has been supporting the space industry with technical consultancy, mission and project management, commerce and launch brokerage since 1983. The company’s HQ is located in London and a representative office is located in Moscow.

In addition, Commercial Space Technologies acts as a launch aggregator for the Russian launch vehicles. In fact, all satellite launch services for the company are tied to communications with the Russian sector of launch vehicles.

To date, Commercial Space Technologies has supported the launch of 82 small satellites in 19 launches.

Connection with Russia
Each of founders keep approximately 25% of shares, plans to open the office in Glasgow (Scotland), also has offices In UK and Russia (Moscow)
TOP projects:

1. UK Pathfinder (Shetland space centre) – UKSA
2. Yenisei small LV – Russia

TOP Client:

1. NASA,
2. ESA,
3. UKSA,
4. Rocket Factory Augsburg,
5. Satellite Applications Catapult,
6. C6 Launch

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