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Spacecraft manufacturing

Hardware for spacecraft

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CJSC Orbita was founded in 1945 and right now is one of the leading enterprises in electronics in Russia.

The company specializes in the design, development, and production of control and monitoring equipment for power supply systems of spacecraft and the production of independent turbogenerator power sources. Orbita provides a full cycle of research and development works.

To carry out these functions, the enterprise has scientific departments, machining shop, assembly shop, testing facilities, and separate enclosed production. The company has all necessary licenses and certificates for the development and production of space equipment. Today, Orbita has 600 employees, 3 production sites in the Voronezh region with a total area of 40 000 m2, research and production complex which includes stocking, machining, electroplating, machine-assembling, foundry, and electrical-assembling production.

The company’s partners are RSC Energia, The Krunicev State Research and Production Space Center, the Boeing Company, and NASA.

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