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Azmerit was founded in 2012 by the employees of the space projects laboratory of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute of the Lomonosov Moscow State University and is a member of the Skolkovo Foundation. The team is built up of highly qualified specialists in the area of space instrumentation.
Azmerit designs and manufactures compact star trackers for nano and microsatellites.

Azmerit’s core product is an AZDK-1 star tracker. The nano star tracker AZDK-1 is designed to determine the spatial orientation of the structures on which it is installed with respect to the inertial equatorial star coordinate system by observing stars in the visible spectral range.

The star tracker has successfully passed a full cycle of ground tests, including functional, full-scale, vibrodynamic, and thermal vacuum tests. Currently, AZDK-1 is flying aboard the Orbicraft Zorkiy small remote sensing spacecraft launched into orbit on March 2021.

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